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Fighting the microbes...

Good Morning in many, many languages


((゜▽゜● ) The beginning of a new week.

This week, was doing my best until exhaustion

But it was also Seattle’s great Nature, the Deer, the Moon,

and the warm smiles of the People I felt.

Such a week it was.


(64th day of 2018)

Right after returning from Seattle,

I watched the Theatre production last night.

Afterwards, brought the tools to the Office, then back to the Theatre again,

With performers and staff, we went on rehearsing until the morning...

One coffee at a morning bench;

It's our turn next. Fight!


(65th day of 2018)

Beautiful blue sky Tuesday, off to rehearsal...

For the next LIVE, testing a 5-Men Version repertoire, in Trial and Error, as it’ll be neither a Play, nor a Concert,

It’ll be something unusual…

Something that remains in the heart of people who come to see it. I think it will be such a work.

We had a meeting with the LIVE staff today. I was a little relieved.


(66th day of 2018)

Cloudy sky; today as well, a 5-Men Trial and Error Rehearsal.

After I got home, I ate some Takoyaki.

I could have eaten 100 more...

but I didn't have any appetite...


(67th day of 2018)

Rainy Thursday when opening the umbrella, one of its branches broke and pierced a hole in it…

Why on earth…? A leaking Umbrella.

Since last Night, I got a sudden high Fever, aching Joints and headache.

I Rest my body until I had to leave, and took medicine right before leaving.

Today too, all together, trial and error.

After coming home at night, I half ate and ran out of power.