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Back to life !

Good Morning in many, many languages


Everyone, I apologize for making you worry last week.

From Monday on, I thought the Fever had subsided, but it rose again in the evening,

my Joints grew cracky and sore… I didn’t understand well every day, but at the end, my physical condition settled down by the weekend.

Thank God, it was not an Influenza, but rather a Common Cold which, after trying to hold it back during the Shooting, the overseas Travel, the LIVE and Theatre work, finally exploded, I think.

Fortunately I’m doing better. I’m sorry I worried you.

For your warm messages, really, Thank you so much.

((´∇`●))” This week is really a resurrection!


(71st day of 2018)

The beginning of a sunny and warm spring air Monday.

Foremost healthy living until complete recovery: Vegetable Juice and Egg-Rice Porridge, Delicious!


(72nd day of 2018)

Today as well, a warm, spring- weather Rehearsal Tuesday.

My Joints are aching since the way back... get better fast!



(73rd day of 2018)

Today again, heading to rehearsal in the spring cheerful warm sun.

Banana soy milk on the way home,

it had been a long time...

My Grandpa used to buy it to me when getting back home;

He’s missed…


(74th day of 2018)

Today as well, warm, spring-air: Off

to rehearsal…

When rehearsal finished, it was Genki San and Yusuke Kun’s Birthday party;

I ate a little and drank some alcohol after a long time.

On the way, my joints got sore again, and the fever returned, so I went back home earlier.

Congratulations !!


(75th day of 2018)

Some Rain since a while, strong Wind blowing, outmost healthy living: Joghurt, vegetable Juice, Rice porridge, Tofu, Tea ; Until now, I had been an Alcohol, Bread, Pastries, and French-Fries Junkie; Now I’m living daily in the complete opposite way…


(76th day of 2018)

Rain since Friday, and again a spring coloured sky Saturday.

'Pocari’ reinforced me every day, then, Chocolate after a long time, and Joghurt.