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Step by Step to the Show

Good Morning in many, many languages


Good Morning! \(´◇ `●)”

It’s the start of a new Week.


(78th day of 2018)

This time, some new 5-Man versions will be added to the LIVE Show repertoire. Heading to sing those songs on this cloudy Monday… but,

I made a mistake on the transfer time, and arrived just tight on time on the way back… 4 hours Train and Bus round trip…

Have no choice but to laugh. It’s good it was not Stage or Flight time.

There are days like this...


(79thday of 2018)

Cold rainy Tuesday, heading to the LIVE Rehearsal…

The weather forecast for this week is only clouds and umbrellas...

The Sakura which have barely bloomed will be amazed too, I guess…


(80th day of 2018)

The temperature yesterday was chilly, but…

Today, snowing!?...........

Tom & Jerry are surely amazed too…And tomorrow forecast of 20°C??!

I wonder if the Sakura are OK…

Eh!?... The Paper-Wasp Nest has vanished¨(゜д゜●;)”

I wonder if it fell down with the strong wind...


(81st day of 2018)

Today, I thought it would be warm but,it’s a cold rehearsal Tuesday.

One day, when I was 18 years old,

the end of a Rehearsal…

I had the privilege to appear on stage in a Collaboration between the Kita-ku Takakohei Theater Company

the “Hirata Office” and the Nihon Kogakuin College , a Stage Play choreographed by Yukata Koga

Now, I had the privilege to see Chekhov's “Three sisters”’ in the Theatre. (TN: Pic, Chalkboard)

I can’t believe he’s 60 years old.

The same style and movement as 21 years ago… I was impressed.


(82nd day of 2018)

Today, from cloudy to clear sky, then rain too, A busy-weather Friday; Today I went to the office, collecting props and colouring sets, costume making... Let's get on with work...

All people at the office, including Genki San, helped a lot.

A stage Show created by everyone.

I felt again, what a pleasure, such time of Stage production is, I need to say.

Another step towards tomorrow...


(83rd day of 2018)

Cloudy Saturday, today, we shot the Monday revised 5-Man version Songs for the LIVE Show; then, Song-Edition work with Joony San. All the songs were ready today. Afterwards, Show structure building then, from next Month on, starting the Play rehearsals.

Today too, another small step.


(84th day of 2018)

Warm Spring weather, calm Sunday.

Today, also one step more for the Sakura, feeling the Spring,

I wonder if they will bloom nicely…

A peaceful Sunday…

Thanks for your hard work this week.

Another new week has begun.

The month is ending this week.

This week too, may it turn calm for everyone

and the weekly days and hours,

be spent in gentle and warm feelings…

May a gentle wind, blow softly

into Everyone’s heart…

It’s Okay, It’s Okay.

The Wind has blown

Let’s live!!! \(゜ ◇ ゜\●)゛

【May a gentle breeze blow...

relentlessly all over the world ...】

To the new week,

looking up at the spring sky and cherry blossoms,

let’s set off…

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Translated by Ani (using Online Ressources)


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