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Snakes, Costumes and Becoming ONE

Good Morning in many, many languages

GOOD MORNING! \(´ ▽`●)”

The start of the 4th Month, the start of a new Week.

Recently I often see my dreams, but this week,

I had the most incomprehensible dream: a small snake

appears in the room, when trying to catch it, it gets huge ... Wow!!

And, while thinking, why I had in the hand the leather belt,

which had been hidden in a corner,

I swung it down to the big snake like a Whip,

striking a great hit, but at that moment,

it peeled off its fangs and was attacking... Wow !!

I dodged it just in time, once again swinging down the belt, again,

making a splendid hit, defeating the serpent... I woke up,

just one word... Indie Jones!


(85th day of 2018)

Pizza Toast with Pizza Sauce, Cheese and Tabasco. Then,

a little piece of “Mont-Blanc” Cake,

A delicious Monday start, nice weather today too.

This week, the weather forecast predicts rain and a sunny mark, the beginning of a warm week.

Everybody, all together, Fight !!


(86thday of 2018)

At the Home Station, from the train window, beautiful blooming Sakura can be seen. Nice weather today too, off to rehearsal feeling the Spring,

back home, feeling the Spring.


(87th day of 2018)

Today too, nice weather, a warm Wednesday.

Today, after rehearsal, off to a Work Meeting… Next Month, it will be practice daily or almost daily.

Everyone, Fight !!!


(88th day of 2018)

It’s 25°C hot, but still dressed completely black… Coal-black old guy.

This week, the warm days continue. The Kotatsu was also switched off. Yesterday, at the Work meeting after rehearsal, I got from Genki San a Souvenir from Kyoto, a triangular object… The Name’s slipped my mind… Something with a nostalgic taste. It was a treat


(89th day of 2018)

Meeting and Parting,

Beginning and Completing…

This Morning on NHK, watching the Newscaster Team farewell Show

and last words, Crying since the morning…

Meeting and Parting,

Beginning and Completing,

Once again, to a new Phase, willingly, going ahead…

Then, “Warotenka”, all together creating a Play… The moment in which various things get linked.

When such feelings are experienced, usually lovely things arise.

Ah… an Earthquake… the Earth just trembled.

I can’t tell you the details…

A Fusion of LIVE Music Show and Theatre Play: “Love’s WW3”

What kind of Show will it be...?

At this point, if it’s possible to make such a Show, I don’t know;

Just once in a lifetime, experience the raw, blank space and atmosphere,

It will become a Show, that resound in the hearts of those who come to see.

For that moment, during the rest of April,

the whole Performer staff together will,

with all might, continue producing.

There are a few tickets left, (Scroll down for Ticket Info!) and still time I think;

each time, the atmosphere changes, I think.

By all means, let’s build the Show’s atmosphere together.

Please feel free to come over.


(90th day of 2018)

Today too, a warm air rehearsal Saturday. During this month, working on Show corrections, All members working as one, on a common goal. Creating the Play, all staff members together, Because we can’t do it, unless we become [ONE] for a moment, so this Month, we’ll be working diligently and feeling happy at the same time.

Recently, I’ve been making costumes after getting back home. Sewing, burning, ironing, hanging.

That's one more step into tomorrow.


(91st day of 2018)

Yesterday after going back home,

I showed my face at my parents’

Miu asked… because Jiiji (Grandpa) had lost his hearing aid…

“NiiNii, please buy it…”

Miu chan… isn’t she lovely? Somehow makes me happy...

Good girl!!!

I had finished various payments, so, the remains of the salary happen to be in my pocket;

I kept the little left and hear it blow off (LOL)

Hearing aid is expensive !!!

But, absolutely good.

Something that made me warm.

Another new Week feeling warm moments, Let’s live!

Thank you for your work this week.

Start of the Week and Beginning of April this Monday.

This week, and this Month too, may they turn calm for every one

and the days and hours in the 1st week of the Month,

be spent in gentle and warm feelings…

May a gentle wind,

blows softly into Everyone’s heart…

It’s Okay, It’s Okay.

The Wind has blown

Let’s live!!! ノ(゜∇ ゜●ノ)゛

【May a gentle breeze blow...

Relentlessly all over the world ...】

To the new week

feeling the Spring air, Fight!!

Off we go…

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Translated by Ani (using Online Ressources)


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