• Aki

Rehearsals, cold Coffee and... Fight!

Good Morning in many, many languages

GOOD MORNING! (●´ ∇`\)”


(92nd day of 2018)

Takao San, Thank you very much!!!

It was a refreshing Yatsuhashi !!!

(TN: The Name that Aki san could not remember on last Diary, Thursday entry)

I thought I'd remember without checking it out,

But... today too, I was tired from thinking about various things,

and I forgot... good (´д`●)”

Today too, the T° is 24°C and it’s a warm spring air, nice weather Monday Start.

At the Base of the former Paper Wasp Nest, under the eaves, Wasps begin to gather again.

Today I received the rest of the set, then, off to paint and re-coating,

and Movement and Staff work.

The actors can concentrate in the practice with all strength. Fight!!!