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Rehearsals, cold Coffee and... Fight!

Good Morning in many, many languages

GOOD MORNING! (●´ ∇`\)”


(92nd day of 2018)

Takao San, Thank you very much!!!

It was a refreshing Yatsuhashi !!!

(TN: The Name that Aki san could not remember on last Diary, Thursday entry)

I thought I'd remember without checking it out,

But... today too, I was tired from thinking about various things,

and I forgot... good (´д`●)”

Today too, the T° is 24°C and it’s a warm spring air, nice weather Monday Start.

At the Base of the former Paper Wasp Nest, under the eaves, Wasps begin to gather again.

Today I received the rest of the set, then, off to paint and re-coating,

and Movement and Staff work.

The actors can concentrate in the practice with all strength. Fight!!!


(93rd day of 2018)

Today, all performers, nervous,

met for the first time,

Then, script reading meeting.

Myself, I haven’t seen everyone since a long time, and yet… everyone’s tension is transmitted and I got a strange sweat...

I have the feeling this will get interesting.


(94th day of 2018)

Play practice Day 2 then, immediate raise and rehearsal.

The atmosphere instantly changes, from the time I was only reading with the members. The atmosphere of a Theater Play, The facial expressions of each actor, the Members properly appearing into sight.


(95th day of 2018)

Play practice Day 3, today, rehearsal including the Dance Part.

I was aware of this, but still...

performing and directing… what the…How difficult it is!!! In both, Dance and Play, I am most, most useless…

On the 3rd. day, everyone, one more step.


(96th day of 2018)

A strong wind Friday, wind between the buildings like a typhoon;

out to the street and off to practice,

it was a short time today but, day by day, one step at a time, Scenes, Members, Performers and Story are getting interesting. It is a LIVE Show, that you’ll regret not seeing,

Cause it will be properly a Play and a Live Show. Day by day going straight. Today after rehearsal, off to Perform at a Corporate Event…

Feeling a great Pride and excitement about the wonderful Kukan Production. Congratulations on their 30th Anniversary.

(TN: Theather Company ‘Kukan-Engi’, in which Aki San has worked as choreographer in several productions)

Going back completely exhausted…


(97h day of 2018)

This Morning, I set coffee and left it unattended, Opened the Script and realized when it was 19:00 h…

I wonder what kind of time I was spending... Drinking the cold coffee I had set in the morning, feeling the Script at the evening. I wonder If I’m capable of concentrating so much on studying this.

But, live carefully now...

A gentle weekend everyone...


(98th day of 2018)

Since the Morning, happy News: The work of the Kukan-Engi Theater Company , “Handsome Villain” was given an Award at the Suginami Theater Festival. I was working in it as Choreographer.

I am truly proud. Congratulations!

Next, is WORLD ORDER’s work “Love WW3”.

Members, Performers, Staff, we all together, will take the challenge, to make it a Work that resonates in the hearts.

What a great motivation. Fight!!!

Thank you for your work this week.

This week too, may everyone’s heart remain calm

and the weekly days and hours,

be spent in gentle and warm feelings…

May a gentle wind,

blows softly

into Everyone’s heart…

It’s Okay, It’s Okay.

The Wind has blown

Let’s live!!! (゜δ゜)/゛

【May a gentle breeze blow...

Relentlessly all over the world ...】

To the new week

in warm feelings

Off we go… Fight!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Translated by Ani (using Online Ressources)


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