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The curtain falls...

Good Morning in many, many languages

Thank you HONG KONG! Good Morning!

To everyone who came to the LIVE Show,

To everyone who could not participate and cheered from afar,

To the many people who came from Abroad,

Really, Thank you so much.

No one got hurt.

The curtain went down safely.


(120th day of 2018)

(April 4th. 2018)

The start of the Monday is hot and cheerful.

Today, before the actual production,

a Prayer at Kawasaki Daishi

A moment when nothing seems to exist,

A moment of lighting incense and bathing in smoke

A gust of ash and smoke splattering...

Because I never experienced such a Moment before…I felt a good wind blowing...

Just like that, I drive around on my Bike, I feel like I cannot stay still,

Off to the unpopular factory area…

to shout out loud

Tomorrow, the last practice before the actual Show.

Let's go for it.


(121st day of 2018)

(May 1st. 2018) (The day of Love)

[Love is born, the Moment a cherished person is perceived,

The moment you feel love, thinking of someone cherished,

A Love Story that happened on the day of Love.]

Today is also a sunny and hot Tuesday.

Off to practice with big Luggage…

A Bug I’d never seen before was in my bag… it was a bit scary.

Red things worn by the actresses on stage, which should remind of red flowers…

Today…A brown insect, I'd never seen before, got stuck in my bag…

it was scary but, its Body, at the Moment of spreading its wings and flying into the distance, was red.

A tale of a red bug, merging,

A heartbreak feeling Moment. Everyone, did you notice the red?

How many red objects did you find on the stage?


(122nd day of 2018)

I couldn't sleep yesterday.

Show Premiere, 2 Shows,

going early to the Theater.

The lighting hangs in the empty space, the stage will be set,

the journey until today comes to an end,

a moment… I want it to end,

I want it to start...

The time until today, until tomorrow,

Because longer it would hurt…

It was a good time. For one goal. Straight.

From today on, please be favourable. Until today, Thank you.

The 11 of us, Let’s go for it !!!!!!!!!!!


(123rd day of 2018)

Last day, 4 Performances,

no injuries come out, It ended successfully.

To all who supported us Thank you very much. Until today, Thank you very much.

The time until today, meeting Members, Stage performers,

The time spent together are cherished moments, priceless Moments. Treasured.

I worried a lot, cried and laughed, Straight to practice, then performance, All together as one,

for the creation of the Show,

The stage was possible because everyone was there,

It was a challenge for everyone, Performers and Staff.

The unique moment when everyone has shined.

Thank you very much.


(124th day of 2018)

I got home last night and drank some tea. Early morning, I thought I need to get ready and go out…

I was confused for a moment… but, there’s no production anymore,

Oh, empty heart… it all ended yesterday.

And, to think about it, is painful.

As Ucchy said yesterday, it was the most enjoyable LIVE Show ever.

The Members, as one, making the Dance, rehearsing longer hours than usual, and, during the latter part of Dance Practice, the Members, on their own reading the Script…

During this time, an Overseas new Song Shooting and Event, and also overseas, the concentration was just in the Practice, I could focus only in the Practice and nothing else,

it was such a situation but…

with the help of various people, one step at the time, we got upon it.

A journey of willing mutual help producing the Show, since April including the Actresses, since that tense face to face Practice period with all performers. Of course, there were some lonely working hours too,

however, they were hours willingly spent, until yesterday for a common cause,

getting to think about it, it was not painful at all.

Everyone enjoyed to the most,

The Audience laughed and cried...

And, the smiles and tears of all performers I felt connected to... I was happy.

It was the best moment for the production and the four months as well.

And now… off to the next step…


(125th day of 2018)

Second day of emptiness...

I ride on my bicycle,

I’ve stopped running and listening songs...

I look up to the sky.

How long have I been riding…?

The wind feels good.


(126th day of 2018)

In any case, to everyone involved,

to everyone who cheered me up,

to the people who have lived, but are no more here,

Beloved Grandma, Grandpa,

dear Friend who died of illness during High school, A promise.

To all the cherished people,

If even in just a little Thank You

I’d like to repay you…

Thank you for this week

Let’s live as warm hearted person to the fullest.

Thank you for your work this week.

The First Monday of May.

May everyone’s week,

be steady and calm

and the days and hours,

be spent in gentle and warm feelings…

May a gentle wind,

Blow into everyone’s heart…

It’s Okay, It’s Okay.

Let’s live! (゜へ゜●)”

【May a gentle breeze blow...

Relentlessly all over the world ...】

To the new week,

in warm feelings,

Let’s set off!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Translated by Ani (using Online Ressources)


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