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Things that change, things that remain...

Good Morning in many, many languages

Thank you HONG KONG! Good Morning!

This week, the high temperature days continued.

It was a hot week


(134th day of 2018)

Today, a hot Monday begining

I rode a little bicycle since the morning.

Smoothly smoothly, feeling the pleasant breeze.

This week too, let’s live!


(135th day of 2018)

Bread-Day, Vegetable Juice against veggies deficiency…

Then, the received Chocolate, and Slippery, delicious cold Noodles. Temperatures are high recently,

I like to eat refreshing things.

Then, again rattling over the PC,

this image is the one hidden in the frame of the LIVE Show flyer picture.


(136th day of 2018)

I was in Kamata after a long time;

as usual, the same good atmosphere since High School; I enjoyed the 5 Years I spent there as student.

The atmosphere has changed a lot, but although a bit chaotic, you still feel alive and well in the streets...

I passed by an old days Set-meal eatery, now it has disappeared, But…

I miss the eatery's fresh Korokke and Hamukatsu (Ham-Cutlet) set meals for 280¥

The “Café de Paris” Curry made by Taro, the Owner of the shop at the station, and his High-school student daughter; Grandma, who used to prepare the Ham-Cutlet Set Meals on her own, and the Sushi made by his energetic Wife.

Evenings, the eatery would turn into a 50¥ Bread Bakery, with popular Korokke-Burgers for students for 100 ¥

The shop in front of the station with the particular Curry taste… all good places, even the Monjayaki shop, they’re all gone…

Only ‘Our Gang’ remains the same, makes me want to weep…

It has changed so much in 20 years,



(137th day of 2018)

Today I’ll return to school, I’m grateful, to go to the Kogakuin Engineering School after so long time.

No Matter how many times, it’s still hard….The teacher’s room gets my heart pounding.

Yup, Takahashi was Homeroom Teacher in his Student days!

I’ll have a hundred reports by tomorrow!

Rumours say, also 2- and 3- Line ones could be submitted, (LOL).

My Homeroom teacher from that time remains unchanged; Thanks to this person, I am what I am now.

When I brought some Hong Kong Souvenirs to the teachers Room:

“Takahashi! bring me some money, not sweets.” What the... (LOL)

Really, unchanged good Teacher!!

This Teacher, by the time of WORLD ORDER’s Debut, took posters to the school、 all of them were autographed, although, I don't know who these signatures belonged to, and pasted about 30-40 Posters inside the School.

Enthusiastic, straight forwarded, a good Elder Brother…

This profession used to have a scary image in the past, but…there are things that remain unchanged…

Good. So now, I wonder if I want to go to Kogakuin...

I wonder if all the people of my period are doing well...

What will we encounter…?

Theatre Department, Actors course, 23rd Year? Takahashi.


(138th day of 2018)

Today, I ride with my Bike a long way, until the River. On the way,

at an uneven place, I got a flat Tire.

I was still trying to reach my destination but…there were 30 Min. to go, so I had to walk for 2 hours…Precisely when I was not carrying a Puncture Kit with me…

But, it was pleasant to walk.

No. Honestly? it was tiring…


(139th day of 2018)

This Morning, a little sprinkle rain; evening, nice clear-sky weather.

I bought fruits, some grapes. They were sweet and delicious.

The days of the Pre-summer Festivals have come…

The Rain Festival, I was planning to pass by in the evening, really, but when I tried to go, everywhere naughty ‘skin-heads", LOL.

Then, at the Evening Festival, Police and PTA patroling, because of the naughty skin-heads and naughty girls…

If I were a parent, I'd be worried...


(140th day of 2018)

I pleasant season to sweat

I wore the Border (TN: horizontal striped T-shirts) after a long time...

Last Friday, I was feeling the fluffy wind on the Bike, when I got a flat tire at a Bump. I wonder how many ten kilometers I walked...

I found a bicycle store on the way, and first aid. Sweaty...

I got sunburned... stripe, stripe, stripe, stripe

Trying to follow Ucchy and Yusuke-kun… (LOL) (TN: See last 2 Diaries)

Now, next week too, Fight!!

Thank you for your work this week, everybody.

This new week too, may it be steady and calm

and the days and hours,

be spent in gentle and warm feelings…

May a gentle wind,

blow always, softly…

into the hearts…

It's okay it's okay.

Let's live ! < (゜へ゜●)>”

【May a gentle breeze blow...

Forever all over the world ...】

To the new week,

In warm feelings,

Off we go!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Translated by Ani (using Online Ressources)


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