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Joony and I used to practice dancing together when we had spare time.

I’m much older than Joony, but I often learned from him, such as techniques of dancing or ways of showing dance moves.

It was right before the official announcement that I heard about his retirement from WORLD ORDER.

But his attitude to keep looking far beyond his goal, was rather refreshing, and blew off the sadness to see him off.

“AIR FOOT WORKS” I’m looking forward to seeing his performance someday somewhere.

Well, we’re not only cheering Joony.

As hard as him, WORLD ORDER will also keep running, looking straight ahead!

We are very sorry to make you confused by such a sudden announcement again. And also, we are full of gratitude for your unchanging support in spite of our doing.

Hope you’ll be with us from now on as well.


Yusuke Morisawa

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Translated by: M. Takao. (Thanks a lot!)

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