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Towards the LIVE Replay

Yesterday, we took Artist Photos in the studio in Tokyo.

After that, the “WORLD ORDER Almost weekly Journal" was recorded.

I think that some people have already seen it because it’s uploaded (on Youtube). We are beginning to move toward the LIVE Show Replay.

Even if we call it a Replay, the dialogues have been slightly changed by Aki. So, it will be enjoyable even for the people who watched it last time.

I am looking forward to getting the lines that will be handed over!! Tom yam Kung!

No way (LOL)

When I meet everyone at LIVE Shows, it will be in the middle of summer. It’s likely to be hot, isn’t it?

Still, I am looking forward to seeing you.

Well then, have a nice weekend.



Yusuke Morisawa

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Translated by: Por Kanita. (Thanks a lot!)

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