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Printing and Sweating

Good Morning in many, many languages. Good Morning!

Finally, entering the rainy season…

Also Summer is around the corner, and this week

is the Soccer WORLD CUP Kick-off !! Hot days.

[Monday riddle!]

※ Problem: [You can see fish swim in the aquarium, where can you see animals stopping/ staying?


(155th day of 2018)

Even early in the morning,

a sunny, hot Monday start.

30 km feel short lately,

this morning the wind was also friendly and it was easy to roll.

This new week too, Fight!


(156th day of 2018)

Today too, it is steaming hot inside the House; the days of sweating caused by simply ‘being’, are coming back; Dreadful.

June of Dance rehearsals towards the LIVE Replay.

After returning home, printing the renewed script... what?

The printer is in a bad condition;

I make a test run, but the printout could not be made after all…

Today, it was so hot in the evening that I could not sleep.


(157th day of 2018)

Rainy Wednesday, temperatures fell a bit down too, easy to spend weather;

Printer resurrection… Print out work from morning till night,

After that, I burned the songs I’ll use on a different computer, in the end, prepared 750 sheets of paper and there was only a little ink left...

Don’t give up, home printer!


(158th day of 2018)

Temperatures cooled down yesterday, but it turned hot in the evening ... Today another work, again for the LIVE Show, I’m getting used to the constant “rattle-rattle” of the PC…Despite some difficulties, I finished somehow, *printout-print out*.

Today as well: Do your best, Home-Printer, Pal.


(159th day of 2018)

Many clouds today, but the heat peeps down from the blue sky.

Ahh, Photo shooting in Giroppon…

I don’t come easily to Roppongi, but

I had not been in this Studio for a long time; a Studio, WORLD ORDER and Shibasaki Kou San used to utilize in common, in the older days.

It was beautiful...


(160th day of 2018)

Today, I’ll mobilise my rusty body with some PC work…

I went out on the bike, because from tomorrow on, it seems that the weather won’t be good…

Today it’s a 31°C, glittering sun midsummer day… But, because long sleeves are hard, I wore short sleeves…

The back of my Hand got very dark, making a big colour difference to the not tanned part, where the Watch was…

I wonder if there are sunscreens that don’t wash off with sweat…