• Aki


Good Morning in many, many languages.

Good Morning!

Excitement rises at the WORLD CUP (´∇`●)]

[Monday Riddle! ]

※ Problem: [A Lion is tied to a 3 Mt. long Chain.

How many Mt. ahead can he eat the Grass?]


(169th day of 2018)

Recently we’ve been having a lot of earthquakes; A big one this morning in Kansai, and some days ago,

we had an Earthquake alarm here… Everyone, please take care!

A cloudy sky, and a rainy day, since the start of this Monday

May this be a gentle week…


(170th day of 2018)

Today, weather’s clear, bright blue, with pure white clouds.

A clear interval in the rainy season, since the morning, sun’s glaring hot, let's go for a spin...

It was hard this morning... But it felt good...

Tonight, World Cup Japan VS Columbia... Ah, we won.

At the World Cup, any country can give a good match, no matter the Rank or if they were former Champions...

Colombia got an early red card... but even 10 people were strong...

Amazing World class.


(171st day of 2018)

Today, it’s a rainy Wednesday morning…

Big rains after the Earthquake, wondering if Kansai is OK…

Please take care.

Portugal VS Morocco was 1: 0. Portugal’s Jump power after scoring... High...


(172nd day of 2018)

Since the Morning, pure white clouds, a cloudy skied Thursday.

I got up early for Spain VS Iran...

Iran will do it... they pressured Spain, but Spain still won…

This group... It depends on Portugal and Spain, I guess...

Tonight, Denmark VS Australia.


(173rd day of 2018)

Fine weather today,

temperatures rise and is a hot day.

Rehearsal Friday, blue sky, and on the way back home, the orange sky colour was beautiful too.


(174th day of 2018)