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Tea Time

There have been two events about the abolition of Main Crop Seeds Act recently, but I'm disappointed I couldn't attend any of both because I was busy. I want to participate, if there is a next event.

I ordered some Tea leaves at HOJO after a long time the other day. I trust HOJO because they go to the place of each production and make sure how the Tea leaves are handled. I always order white Tea and Chinese or Taiwanese alpine Tea, this time, so I did PU'ER straight Tea and KEEMUM, too. "I see, I see. Such a taste"

I enjoyed a different Tea time from usual.

While I was drinking tea, I read the book, "NICHI-NICHI-KORE-KOJITUS (Enjoy everyday life)".

The time I was reading the book was like Tea time.

And along with the Tea, I had OKAKI (kaki-mochi) from SAKUMA's farm.

Then, the rare brown sugar which color is bright.

I drunk the Tea and put a piece of it into my mouth.


Hayato Uchiyama

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