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The final road to the Show

Good Morning in many, many languages.

Good Morning!

The scorching days continue... (´д`|||)

[Monday Riddle!]

※ Problem: [The "Big Buddha of Nara" and "The Big Buddha of Kamakura"

which one stood there first]?


(210th day of 2018)

Hooooooottt, humid, humid,

scorching Monday.

At noon, Practice and «Change of Shift»

We can’t gather all together every day… still,

for the last week of Practice,

for Dance Practice,

In order to do our best… Fight!

Chichiyasu Boy

Healthy lavour??


(211th day of 2018) (sic)

Today as well, scorching daytime…

A drink after practice.

Recently, I’m addicted to Tomato Sour!


(212th day of 2018)

Burning Burning Burning Burning Burning…

What’s this Japan… melting heat

By the time I go back home, the city’s so hot and so crowded, to the point of making one dizzy…

Today, I ate as much as I liked,

until I got a full belly! I also ate lots of Soft-Ice, this time in “Seven Strawberry” cream flavour!

Defying the heat with warm feelings, Day by day, fight!!


(213th day of 2018)

Cruel scorching heat, it’s dangerously hot again today…

After going home, I was watching the fireworks on TV. After all, fireworks is all I watched on TV…

I was absently stunned during the whole time while watching, they resonate in the sky and in my body,

a nice feeling… and during the comments, some delicious looking edamame appeared,

Summer feelings through TV