• Aki

Happy and sad News.


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Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

※Question : Where is the place where Bears cannot solve the problem??


(294th day of 2018)

Since the morning, fresh autumn weather,

a clear Monday morning start, chilly morning, warm daytime, cold evening

The NEWS I saw this morning, made my heart became desolate… I hope such a thing will never happen again...

This new week too, wishing it may be spent in calm, and warm-hearted feelings...


(295th day of 2018)

Blue Sky spreads out; Tuesday Morning,

Bread DayStarting with Ham& Cheese, then,

Katsu-Sandwich with Pasta Meat Sauce… Voluminous!!!


(296th day of 2018)

Today as well, blue sky Wednesday morning start,

Forecast, cloudy.

Journalist Junpei Yasuda was released.

I have seen overseas movies and dramas about people who have experienced a traumatic incident like Mr. Yasuda but...

after that distress… may he have a calm time…


(297th day of 2018)

Today it’s sunny as well, and it should get warm;

Like before the LIVE Show, departure on my Bike,

aiming for the 40 km…

My heart was thumping already by 15 after start… Painful.

Short break at a Park Bench, with stretching and sport drink, feeling lighter…

Revival on the way back, and, also recalling the original feeling, Speed UP; And although after long time, this 40 was completely different from the 40 in summer.

It felt good.


(298th day of 2018)

Eeeeh, what a rich variety…

of Egg-Demiglace Sauce Coppé

(TN: Bread similar to a Hot-Dog Bun)

Wow (゜δ゜●)” It's absolutely delicious!

As for me, Akafuku & Choco-Coppé ! They're absolutely delicious!

Like a … Bread roll…Or a Coppé-Bread Coppé… or sort of…???


(299th day of 2018)