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Happy and sad News.


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Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

※Question : Where is the place where Bears cannot solve the problem??


(294th day of 2018)

Since the morning, fresh autumn weather,

a clear Monday morning start, chilly morning, warm daytime, cold evening

The NEWS I saw this morning, made my heart became desolate… I hope such a thing will never happen again...

This new week too, wishing it may be spent in calm, and warm-hearted feelings...


(295th day of 2018)

Blue Sky spreads out; Tuesday Morning,

Bread DayStarting with Ham& Cheese, then,

Katsu-Sandwich with Pasta Meat Sauce… Voluminous!!!


(296th day of 2018)

Today as well, blue sky Wednesday morning start,

Forecast, cloudy.

Journalist Junpei Yasuda was released.

I have seen overseas movies and dramas about people who have experienced a traumatic incident like Mr. Yasuda but...

after that distress… may he have a calm time…


(297th day of 2018)

Today it’s sunny as well, and it should get warm;

Like before the LIVE Show, departure on my Bike,

aiming for the 40 km…

My heart was thumping already by 15 after start… Painful.

Short break at a Park Bench, with stretching and sport drink, feeling lighter…

Revival on the way back, and, also recalling the original feeling, Speed UP; And although after long time, this 40 was completely different from the 40 in summer.

It felt good.


(298th day of 2018)

Eeeeh, what a rich variety…

of Egg-Demiglace Sauce Coppé

(TN: Bread similar to a Hot-Dog Bun)

Wow (゜δ゜●)” It's absolutely delicious!

As for me, Akafuku & Choco-Coppé ! They're absolutely delicious!

Like a … Bread roll…Or a Coppé-Bread Coppé… or sort of…???


(299th day of 2018)

From rain in the early morning, it became a hot Saturday.

Today, went to Kamata after a long time for the

Nihon Kogakuin Culture Festival (Kamata Festival)…

It seems that many performers and artists will appear…

For my part, four of the Girls who appeared on our last LIVE Show will be Performing and Dancing on Stage, so I went to see. Everyone was shining and full of Energy!

They were all lovely…


(300th day of 2018)…Only 65 days remaining in 2018 !!

Sunny Sunday; Today in Kawasaki, it seems there will be a Halloween Parade… The city is lively and loud,

yesterday, I saw disguised children too…

Everyone enjoys it...

It'll be already end of October by the middle of next week... It’s early… but... Sleepy...

※ [Riddle Hint]: Place where the Bear 🌕 is.

(TN: Bear = Kuma )

(This is a great hint… \(゜◇゜●;))

Thank you for your work this week everyone.

The beginning of a new week.

The Autumn air on Mornings and evenings

had turn remarkably cold…

May this week be a steady and calm one,

and the days and hours be spent in Warm and gentle feelings…

May a gentle wind,

blow always into the hearts.

It’s Okay. It’s Okay

Let’s live!! ((´▽`●)″

【May a gentle wind … blow throughout the World…

Monday morning, I saw on the NEWS that there was

a Train derailment accident in Taiwan…

My breast ached… A similar accident seems

to have happened in Japan too…

May such accidents never happen again

in the future…

To those who suffered the accident and their relatives,

I pray for your fortune, and wish you will get back

a warm and peaceful feeling as soon as possible...

Journalist Yasuda San, Welcome Home!】

※[Riddle Answer]: Kumamoto Prefecture

(Bears can also be solved… (゜δ゜●)” Do it by yourself)

(TN: Kuma- mo- token)

To the new week

Feeling the Autumn sky, in calm feelings

Let’s set off.

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi

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Translated by: Ani (using Online Resources)


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