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~"I can't get out of my Futon"~


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Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

※Question: What has holes, but can hold the water?


(308th day of 2018)

Light rain sprinkles, the Sun shines

through a gap in the clouds,

Pouring down, a chilly air Monday Morning.

I hardly can’t get out of the Futon…

I ate Pizza with lots of Tabasco…

This new week, Fight !!


(309th day of 2018)

As usual, when there’s Rain forecast…

It started raining from the moment I stepped out of the house... Why ? (T△ T ;)”

By getting back, it was pouring down,

I opened the umbrella as usual but, I always think ...

why on earth?!


(310th day of 2018)

From yesterday’s rain, today starts with cloudy skies,

the afternoon, the blue-sky peeps out; a calm, nice day;

Today, off to rehearsal…


(311th day of 2018)

Lately, for no reason, I’ve been often listening

to songs from the 70’s; quite nice somehow…

The Era of Chibi Maruko Chan

Around that time, I guess…

It seems cuter than the songs and looks of the people today,

It seems cool and lovely… Really good!

It's nice to hear it again... I think.


(312th day of 2018)

Light rain since the morning start, the morning grows cold…

It’s hard to get out of the futon,

despite being an early waking Grandpa (゜δ゜●)”

Come on! Off to rehearsal… (hearing a stranger’s voice) LOL

Going back, I passed by the Grandma’s Yakitori Place

after a long time, and got me some Negima (Chicken + Scallion Skewer) and Kashira (Chicken-breast Skewer)

As always, Delicious…

A calm weekend, everyone


(313th day of 2018)

Today, Temperatures raised a bit, it’s a calm, warm,