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~"I can't get out of my Futon"~


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Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

※Question: What has holes, but can hold the water?


(308th day of 2018)

Light rain sprinkles, the Sun shines

through a gap in the clouds,

Pouring down, a chilly air Monday Morning.

I hardly can’t get out of the Futon…

I ate Pizza with lots of Tabasco…

This new week, Fight !!


(309th day of 2018)

As usual, when there’s Rain forecast…

It started raining from the moment I stepped out of the house... Why ? (T△ T ;)”

By getting back, it was pouring down,

I opened the umbrella as usual but, I always think ...

why on earth?!


(310th day of 2018)

From yesterday’s rain, today starts with cloudy skies,

the afternoon, the blue-sky peeps out; a calm, nice day;

Today, off to rehearsal…


(311th day of 2018)

Lately, for no reason, I’ve been often listening

to songs from the 70’s; quite nice somehow…

The Era of Chibi Maruko Chan

Around that time, I guess…

It seems cuter than the songs and looks of the people today,

It seems cool and lovely… Really good!

It's nice to hear it again... I think.


(312th day of 2018)

Light rain since the morning start, the morning grows cold…

It’s hard to get out of the futon,

despite being an early waking Grandpa (゜δ゜●)”

Come on! Off to rehearsal… (hearing a stranger’s voice) LOL

Going back, I passed by the Grandma’s Yakitori Place

after a long time, and got me some Negima (Chicken + Scallion Skewer) and Kashira (Chicken-breast Skewer)

As always, Delicious…

A calm weekend, everyone


(313th day of 2018)

Today, Temperatures raised a bit, it’s a calm, warm,

nice weather, although cloudy Saturday.

In the J-League, the Kawasaki Frontale, won for the 2nd Year

in Row. Although, they lost the Game 2-1… Congratulations!


(314th day of 2018)

I was eating a lot this week… Pffff…

Edamame, Yakitori…

Typical middle aged man, it seems (LOL)

Everyone, Sundays eat a lot, drink a lot!

Next week as well, munch and Fight!!

※ [Riddle Hint]: Bob

Thank you for your Work this week everyone.

May everyone’s week start,

and whole week,

remain steady and calm,

and the days and hours

be spent in warm and gentle feelings…

May a gentle wind, blow always

Softly into the hearts…

It’s Okay. It’s Okay.

Let’s live! ヾ(´▽`●)”

【May a gentle wind…Blow throughout the World…】

※[Riddle Answer]: A Sponge

(‘Sponge Bob’ alright… uh-hum "(゜δ゜●)”)

To the new week

Stay warm and take care

Let’s set off.

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi


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Translated by: Ani (using Online Resources)


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