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Soccer, Cold and... Boogie!


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Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

※Question: At the Fire Dept., when making a Poll asking "Which is your favorite solar system planet?", Which Planet among the following Options is always at the Top? ↓

1 · Mercury

2 · Jupiter

3 · Earth

4 · Mars


(315th day of 2018)

Rain since the Morning, then, the Sun peeping

from the cloudy sky; Busy Sky Monday morning.

This morning, out of nowhere, I hear over and over,the verse from “Gundam Gacha nam Space Battleship Yamato” in a loud, pleasant female voice…

I wonder what kind of Practice it is...

What the… Who is it? Who is iiiit? (LOL)

Seems nice… Fight!! (´▽`●)”


(316th day of 2018)

Today, a cloudy Tuesday, with occasional flickering Rain.

Today I went to see the Theater Play, of the Company of Acting school Teachers who cooperated in our Show.

As it was my first time in Ryugoku since an excursion

during the elementary school… it was fresh.

I thought it was Yokozuna (Yokozuna 1-District, Yokoami)

It seems... the Sumo wrestling Arena's here...

Do your best Yokozuna Kisenosato!


(317th day of 2018)

It's a chilly and cold air Wednesday; During daytime, the sunshine is warm but, it’s cold in the shade, Off to rehearsal;

Yesterday I bought the Book “Night and Mist”…

From the earphones, ‘Smokin Boogie’ from

A Book reading paced song…


(318th day of 2018)

A Tokyo Jitsugyo High School ( my Alma Mater) Dorayaki

I actually belonged to the Soccer Club,

somehow, during the High School Soccer National Tournament

in Tokyo, we made it to the quarterfinals… I think we lost a penalty shootout to the Taisei High School, that advanced to the finals…

Oh well… just 2 steps to the Championship. Fight!

Today, went to the dTV Recording, I was the first to arrive at the waiting room, they thought I was the make-up guy (LOL)

I don’t think the information has been released yet, but the scene full of smiling faces, was delighting.

I wonder if the people behind me is better suited...

as make-up guys (LOL), But I don’t think so…

It would be a special make-up by trembling hands…


(319th day of 2018)

Friday, this morning the ground is really cold,

I turned my heating carpet ON (´д`●)”

Pfff… Warm Rehearsal… or what?

Today the Sunshine is pleasantly warm…

Yeah, today, the whole day, Fight!

The Pictures of the ‘Night and Fog’ Book…

(in a Beautiful state for a Second Hand Book)

Come to think of it, I was at a Second-hand bookstore

yesterday when changing trains in Shimbashi...

A calm weekend everyone…


(320th day of 2018)

"Sweet Saturday"… This morning, I woke up shivering again

The early morning sky *camera shutter sound*… looks like fine weather.

Today, Taiyaki after a long time… delicious as usual.

Then, when it gets cold, it makes me want to eat, ‘crack’ Ice cream… After long time eating, your teeth might break;

The Cracking was astonishing…


(321st day of 2018)

Everyone, I wonder how your week was…

If you had pleasant day and nice hours…

A slow and gentle Sunday everyone…

※Riddle Hint: Emergency Phone Number… 1🌕9

Thank you for your work this week everyone.

The Beginning of a new Week

This week too, may it be a gentle one

and the days and hours be spent

in calm and gentle feelings….

May a gentle wind Blow softly

into everyone’s heart…

It’s Okay. It’s Okay.

Let’s live!! \(´∇`●\)”

【May a gentle wind…

blow throughout the world…】

※Riddle Answer: The Earth

(1-1-9… 1st Place, is The Earth …Wow , I see (゜δ゜●))

To the new week

feeling warm

Let’s set off.

PS: Although the ‘Year - End Fan Event’ will unfortunately not be held this year,

next February, the Osaka Fans, have planned a nice Event for the Fans.

All of us Members are looking forward to meeting you all there!

A 6-Man Performance including Former WORLD ORDER (Now AirFootworks)

Member Joony, and also time to interact with everyone, I think.

Let's spend warm hours together! Let's all look forward to this opportunity, Thank you so much !!

高橋 昭博

Akihiro Takahashi


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