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Genius and Sake


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When my favorite wines are all lined up in the shop front, I will try them all one by one.

I can’t stop myself from buying Senkin’s Nature series of Sake (TN: an organic rice wine). It’s so nice that the Sake is brewed by the yeast with storage (TN: a yeast that has settled in the brewery since ancient times), and stored in wood buckets. After all this kind of wine is interesting.

We were at a recording studio the other day, and the night view from the waiting room was fantastic. But I feel a bit scared because its handrail was a bit low. I believe the information about what we were recording will be released shortly, so please stay tuned.

I read Mr. Nakada’s book “Proof of Genius” recently (TN: a book about everyone has some kinds of talents, proven with new vision and thought, instead of traditional rules). Watching his TV show, I was attracted to his talk about how to study and present, so that I read this book. I thought it’s really amazing to have analytical skills and experimental attitudes.

Now, let’s change the subject. I will introduce a Crowdfunding project on pyramid: Giza 3D Survey (A 3D data creation and analysis on the world’s biggest 3 pyramids). The dance movement “TUT” (TN: a street dance style based on angular movements) that I often do, is originated from the mural paintings of ancient Egypt as the motif. And the name “TUT” comes from the initial 3 letters of “Tutankhamun”.

I heard that “TUT” was also a nickname for Tutankhamun himself. So if you search for “TUT”, the information of Tutankhamun will come out first rather than the dance.

Well, enough rambling from me. But if you are interested in this crowdfunding project, please join us.


Hayato Uchiyama


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Kindly Translated by: Flo C (Thanks a lot!)

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