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Get down on my knees

Although it is a small amount according to my income, this year I contributed the annual hometown tax payment as usual..

One day, someone’s child brought up his homework about “when you plan to buy something, write down the reason why you choose the item”. When the father tried it with his wife, it seems that most of it was “because it is cheaper than the others”. After that, the basic policy of shopping at their home is switched to whether “I would like to support that company”.

Having said that, it may be an unrelated story, but there is a shop that I have never been to and want to go sometime in the future. It is “Koiwai Restaurant” in Iwai Island:

After reading this article, I really feel like to go visit it. But the place is closed, and my wish would never come true. However, the life style you can imagine from the article, will surely become the guidance of my future living.

By the way, my ambition for this year is “to get down on my knees”.

You might question “is it an ambition”? Working in the farm field or mopping the floor at home, I was doing it without getting down my knees so far. But then I would get tired easily and try to finish the work early. That’s why I didn’t have any other consideration, but “to get down on my knees” this year.

If I get down on my knees, I will be able to manage both tasks slowly.

This is the book I read this week. “Urban Hunter Collection Life from Scratch” by Mr. Sakaguchi Kyohei. This is a book about the author, living in the city with zero yen or less income, got courage for the first time in his life to rack his brains and enjoy living freely.


Hayato Uchiyama


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