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I wanna be a hunter too!

I harvested mountain wasabi.

We usually harvested the roots when the leaves withered. But it did not wither out easily and was lush for quite a while. Digging up on New Year’s Eve, I ate a lot since the New Year. At the end, like last year, I mixed the mountain wasabi with soy sauce and mirin as well as vinegar, to go with rice.

It makes the nose feel unbearably sharp spicy. The power of mountain wasabi is strong again this year.

Here are dried persimmons hanging in the balcony. The picture shows freshly dried ones. But as the sweetness grows, it will become more wrinkled and is great for snacks.

The book of this week is a sequel to a book I read previously (“I want to be a hunter!” by Mr. Kitao Toro.)

I envy Mr. Kitao going ahead and advancing so fast…

I wonder when I will be like him….?!


Hayato Uchiyama


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