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Mochi, Mochi, Mochi...

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

※ What is it, that cannot be seen with open eyes, even if trying desperately for hours,

but is naturally visible when you close them?


(Day 007 of 2019)

Monday morning begins with cold air,

although sunlight seems to be warm,

it’s a cold morning indeed.

My ragged and worn out coin purse,

I bought it new 6-7 years ago.

Thank you for your service until now.

Went off to a dream while watching ‘Spartan X

(Sammo Hung / Jackie/ Yunpiao).

The Oyakodon was delicious...


(Day 008 of 2019)

This morning again, ‘brrrr’ (freezing);

Every morning, almost undoubtedly: ‘brrrrr’

A morning I can’t move from the Kotatsu… a shame.

This morning, made a Chicken Sandwich,

starting the day in the Kitchen;

Then, off to see the Major God…

Please treat me well.


(Day 009 of 2019)

It’s growing cold this morning,

tomorrow will be even colder, it seems…

Today, Chicken-Toast and Omurice

Well, my attempt failed, but I arranged it as a wrap,

so it at least look as an Omu (LOL)… Omu...what?


(Day 010 of 2019)

Today it is insanely, insanely cooooold…

Tonight, settling some things in Shibuya…

it was so coldmthat on the way back,

the train suddenly stopped and the Power went out…

it got all gloomy inside…

I only ride occasionally in the Yamanote Line

Somehow, I don’t like this Line, so I normally avoid it,

and now, this happens (LOL)…

It seems as, since the moment I turned 40,

everyone around looks so younnng…


(Day 011 of 2019)