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New swing and tiny umbrellas

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

※ Which kind of fish is the one that won three times?


(Day 063 of 2019)

Continuous rain, a rainy Monday morning start,

the air is also getting chilly… Today too, off to rehearsal;

The 1st Monday when we become complete, 7 people;

Of course, with this number of people, the swing, the appearance and power are completely different…


(Day 064 of 2019)

Today, temperature is slightly rising; A warmer Tuesday

Weather is getting better...

The sunset was dazzling.

On the PC rattle-rattle-rattle-rattle-rattle…



(Day 065 of 2019)

Today, a little early rehearsal in a different place...

I set the alarm ON, because I’m not used to the time;

We are working hard towards the next song,

and towards the May Show…

in either case, looking forward to.


(Day 066 of 2019)

Rainy Thursday…

This evening, I was heading to my Parent’s house, at fast pace without umbrella…The Voice of Ryosuke : “NiiNii !” (TN: Affectionate way of calling an older Brother or Uncle)

Looking back, Ryosuke (TN: Aki San's Nephew) is standing there with a tiny umbrella

Yes!” He wants to lend me his tiny Umbrella…

You will get wet”, I say…

Oh, That’s OK”

He’s sometimes cheeky, but... in that Moment, I felt kindness... You're going to be a kind person, Ryosuke

I thought.


(Day 067 of 2019)

A clear and fresh Friday Morning

Today is Genki San’s Birthday!

On his 41 years, Congratulations!


(Day 068 of 2019)

This morning the crows were having a brawl

“rustle-rustle-flap-flap-caw-caw-caw…" terribly annoying… involuntarily thought of Hitchcock “The Birds”,