• Ucchy

Hidden gems

I started to cut bonito just the other day.In fact, I have always been interested in this. In retrospect, I probably developed the interest because of the TV drama “Osen” when I was in high school.

At first, I didn’t even know how I should put in my power, but I gradually got it while I was doing it. Nah, it may not be such a difficult thing. It may be just a simple thing that doesn’t even need any tips or tricks. It looks delicious when it become powdered and thin. At this moment, I just put it on rice and eat them with soy sauce dressing. That alone makes me very happy.

The cross section of bonito after shaving is also beautiful like a gem. My skill is still poor, and the surface is a little bit rattling.

By the way, plum trees and various flowers have already bloomed recently. Cherry blossoms are also blooming.

The “Sakurairo” from Ayu Masamune sake brewing is in light pink color and perfect for this season. It is not an artificial coloring, but a color made naturally by yeast. It is amazing.