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Salt and Effort

Have you seen our new MV “WE ARE ALL ONE” yet?

We also came back from Cebu. It’s hot there.

It’s so hot that my suit even got the salt stain.

It is the crystal result of that much sweat and hard work.

When it comes to that, crystals of effort may be salt.

Effort = Salt

Maybe you can also make a pattern.If so, it can also be like Lucky Man’s (TN: a manga about a superhero and his friends fighting against aliens with their special talents/power) characters: Victory Man, Friendship Man, and Salt Man.Yup.

By the way, the wakame-like choreography is adopted in the last part of the MV.

Because it had 200 teachers of the QQ English Language School dancing together, we had to think of a move which is catchy but easy-to-imitate by everyone. It is the most difficult to think of such kind choreography.

I think the choreographers in the world are amazing. The wakame-like dance is originated from them.

I think it is feeling playful and catchy with acquaintance, so that I arranged it to fit the music.

I think you probably can imitate the move and it is an easy dance, so please try to imitate it… LOL

In any case, the weather in Cebu was always good in the dry season.

I feel good at night, and same as the dogs there…

I want to go there again.

And I would like to thank all members from QQ English Language School, who helped us this time.

Thank you very much.

Things like that…..



(Ryuta Tomita



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Kindly Translated by: Flo C (Thanks a lot!)

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