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Bye-bye Heisei II

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

This is the last diary of the Heisei Era.

For your kind support to WORLD ORDER

during the Reiwa Era as well, Thank you very much! (_ _ ●) ”

Monday Riddle!

※ We're again sorry, but we were not able to translate this week's Riddle. Help and Suggestions are welcome!


(Day 112 of 2019)

I have a vague recollection of when I went to sleep recently...

I’m such a JiiJi… (TN: Grandpa) (゜-゜●)”

Today too, nice spring-like weather, and the temperatures rise,

a warm Monday beginning;

Well, off to rehearsal…

just a short time remains until Nagoya…

One further step…


(Day 113 of 2019)

Sunny Tuesday, today also over 20°C, merry spring weather.

Today, I finally put away my Kotatsu.

Before going to bed, I saw a Mexican documentary.

Although, beside one Moderator, I didn’t know any Mexican famous actors…. It absolutely rose some blue-jokes (LOL)


(Day 114 of 2019)

Today, a rainy Wednesday start,

The other day, we practiced without mirror for the first time, everyone was sweaty after just one round, but then,

we’ll perform in Suits, and there’s the rising tension…

oh, how much sweat it’s going to splash…

Don’t forget to bring an umbrella to avoid getting sprayed… (LOL)

Well, today is another step.


(Day 115 of 2019)

Today as well, a rainy Thursday start,

Yesterday I left with an umbrella but today I folded it away,

and there was drizzle raining when I left;

Today as well, sweating, Fight!

Another step, concentrating in the Show.

However, today is damp and wet…

It was a hot, humid, sweaty rehearsal for everyone.

Tomorrow again, Fight!