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A new Wind

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Today, the curtain of the 2 Performances at the Nagoya Blue Note, opens at last.

The New Members, have been practising every day, up to today’s performance,

with so many things to remember, and so many things to do,

honestly, I think it was really hard,

but we have been working one step further to deliver a good wind to everyone.

Although I think everyone’s excited, the new Members, and certainly we too,

are nervous and pounding.

I hope to deliver a good wind to everyone today, a new step, a new wind…

We, all members will stand on stage with our souls.

Please enjoy yourself and I hope that good wind will reach everyone who cannot attend...

Fight \(゜へ゜●)”!!!!!!!!

Monday Riddle!

I saw this riddle, and almost burst into laughter in a train.

Question: Jacob (Jacob Sartorius?) Freddie Mercury), Yamata Taro (Japanese Enka Singer) and Kevin (a Korean boys band singer), who is the pervert (or metamorphosis or abnormality)?


(Day 119 of 2019)

I watched a program called NHK hospital radio in the morning

It was a really nice show...

Children and Parents Fighting Illness ...

It was wonderful to see how everyone faces Life.

The smiling faces were really lovely.

Got so many moving emotions since the morning.

It's a cloudy Monday morning, today.

Let's live warmly step by step this week!


(Day 120 of 2019)

On the last day of the Heisei Era, it was rainy and the air

cooled down;

The rain washes away various events and a new era begins...

Tonight, to Mom and Dad’s,

then, I lit a candle on the altar of Grandpa and Grandma.

Thank you for the Heisei Era,

please be favourable in the Reiwa Era,

May the gentle wind blow...


(Day 121 of 2019)

The morning starts with rain,

By the time of departure, the sky is sunny and the sun is hot.

First day of the Reiwa Era, today, rehearsal for Nagoya,

It's only a few left and it's the last run...

C’mooon Fight!!!!!