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Change of seasons

I just carelessly forgot to write my gratitude last week , but thank you all for telling me the name of the grass that I was curious about.

I was surprised that everyone knows so much in details. Although the name is important, when I observed it, based on the information that I received, I think it is probably Cucumber Grass. When I try to rub it, it smells like cucumber…. or not like cucumber?…… It is hard to tell by the smell. But I tried to check out the other names of grass that you tell me, I felt the best guess is Cucumber Grass.

So, without the confirmation, it is probably Cucumber Grass. Maybe. It is Cucumber Grass. Surely.

I wanted the seed of Common Vetch, so I just walked and picked it up.

The black and dry sheath with a snap! It tends to pop up with the seeds flying out, so if you try to collect it by your hand sloppily, the seeds will be spilled and only the pod remains in the hand. So, in order to not make it split open, I picked it up only from the base of the sheath and collected it. I wanted it in such a hurry, and it was good that I collected a lot.

Recently, I got vegetables from my parents in Niigata, and I enjoy spring vegetables.

I have to clean and take care of the wooden bowl properly also.

And the fun of each year. A bamboo shoot has arrived from Sakuma-san (TN: a farm that does not use any pesticide, chemical fertilizers and materials such as vinyl and mulch). I feel it is especially BIG this year.

You can not help eating at this time, as you feel your body wants to adapt to the changing seasons.

It will get hotter from now on, and the indoor will get colder and colder.


Hayato Uchiyama


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