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It’s getting hotter, isn’t it?

I felt like I was in the sauna during the daytime because of the summer heat, and I wish I could always have a water bath…….

I spend my days thinking that….

With my family, I went to visit the former home of Mitsubishi’s Taro Iwasaki (TN: the founder of Mitsubishi).

It was a high society house, and I was so moved by the fact that Japanese people lived in such a fantastic house.

Both Japanese and Western-style buildings, and the billiard room in the annex.

It goes beyond fashionable.

I want to live in such a house someday.

But I definitely want to make a water bath and a sauna.

And, a bowling alley and bar counter…..

My dream is so wide, isn’t it?



(Ryuta Tomita



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Kindly Translated by: Flo C (Thanks a lot!)

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