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A damp, steamy week

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Monday Riddle!

What cloth can you wear without seeing, and suit very well in summer?


(Day 175 of 2019)

Today, the youngest member’s Birthday. Congratulations!! Have a nice year...

It keeps raining since this morning.

And there was an Earthquake this morning…

There was a “Broooom” coming up with a jerk and,

the moment I thought it has calm down, there was a big oscillatory shaking...

It’s been long time since I was so surprised (゜Ο゜○;) Huge!

Intensity…? 4, I thought.

Today, to rehearsal.

On the way back, the blue sky and sun were peeping through the clouds.


(Day 176 of 2019)

Sunny Tuesday, a complete change from yesterday's ‘rain - sun – rain’;

In addition, the new work was completed. (For the time being)

The next one begins... Aaah, it was heavy…


(Day 177 of 2019)

Natsuzora ... (TN: NHK’s Morning Soap-Opera)

There was another great scene today... crying since the morning...

as expected, ‘Sainen-za' Theater company Member, Atsuko Takahata!!

At the end… feeling again in my youth (LOL)

Today, rehearsal, and then, the Members ...


(Day 178 of 2019)

Today’s a damp, damp, hot and rainy day.

Humidity is high and steaming...

A typhoon is approaching, too.

The wind is blowing sometimes stronger...


(Day 179 of 2019)

Continuation from yesterday,

dam, damp, humid heat…

The Typhoon is approaching Kanto...

Nasty heat...

Today as well, rehearsal…

Losing the fight against the humidity


Steamy steamy, non-stop sweating...


(Day 180 of 2019)

Wut? It’s cool… this morning… cool…

it’s not steamy and the wea