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From cold to hot, and back

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

This came out in the recommendations… Why?

↓Choro Q (LOL) (/ ▽ ゜●)”

Monday Riddle!

Rainy Season's Riddle

Question: In English, 'Inu' means "Dog" and 'Neko' means "Cat,"

so what would 'Gappa' be ?


(Day 161 of 2019)

The beginning of Monday with cold rain,

A fine rain that makes you wet even with an umbrella...

Today as well, rehearsal.

Everyone, don’t be defeated with the Zig-Zag weather this week… Fight


(Day 162 of 2019)

Since yesterday, a powerful, awfully cold air has come in, I wonder why…

Please take care of your physical condition!

I opened YouTube on TV, and drifted into dreams with the relaxing music of Ghibli

I wonder if it will rain tomorrow too…


(Day 163 of 2019)

Rehearsal Wednesday, cloudy skies of the rainy season today,

Rainfall on the way back…