• Aki

From cold to hot, and back

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

This came out in the recommendations… Why?

↓Choro Q (LOL) (/ ▽ ゜●)”

Monday Riddle!

Rainy Season's Riddle

Question: In English, 'Inu' means "Dog" and 'Neko' means "Cat,"

so what would 'Gappa' be ?


(Day 161 of 2019)

The beginning of Monday with cold rain,

A fine rain that makes you wet even with an umbrella...

Today as well, rehearsal.

Everyone, don’t be defeated with the Zig-Zag weather this week… Fight


(Day 162 of 2019)

Since yesterday, a powerful, awfully cold air has come in, I wonder why…

Please take care of your physical condition!

I opened YouTube on TV, and drifted into dreams with the relaxing music of Ghibli

I wonder if it will rain tomorrow too…


(Day 163 of 2019)

Rehearsal Wednesday, cloudy skies of the rainy season today,

Rainfall on the way back…


(Day 164 of 2019)

Today it was again sunny and hot after a long time...

I finished writing a stage script again today, and the next one begins...

Although it’s a script, it gets an artistic cover, like each work, every time...

The Ink costs keep increasing...


(Day 165 of 2019)

Everyone, Have you ever eaten whole Seven Gyoza?

Amazingly, that’s what I just did

They were really delicious…

Please consider cheating yourself and try once in a while… (LOL)


(Day 166 of 2019)