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Piggish fleshly pleasures

Tokyo has become extremely hot. ..

Haven’t you been battered by Summer, everyone? ?

When the appetite is lost in summer, physical strength falls quickly.

I feel like that.

So! Before losing appetite! This is nourishment! All you can eat!

It is such a diary. Well, for this Reason I went to a Ramen Jiro after a long time.

I went to this Yellow Ramen, here, between Shinjuku-gyoemmae and Yotsuya Sanchome, where the Jiro system was born.

Eating hot on a hot day.

Well, here is what I ate it this time.

Ramen with 4 slices of porc, vegetables and garlic, it’s the Jiro Visual.

The Vegetables were crisp and crunchy.

This Broth is my favorite non-emulsified kind (TN: It seems there are emulsified and non-emulsified kinds of Broth in this Shop)

The pork meat had an elastic quality. The fat had a good taste, and with the vegetables, it was enough to satisfy me.

Overall, it was delicious!

All right, now I can get through the summer!

Everyone, are you gaining some stamina before the Summer-Heat fatigue?



(Ryuta Tomita



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Translated by: Ani (Using Online Resources)



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