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Rainy and Humid

Good morning in Many, many Languages.

Good Morning!

Healing …(/´▽ `\)゛

Monday Riddle!

What kind of cat can find almost everything immediately?


(Day 182 of 2019)

It's a rainy Monday morning...

Why are the sparrows chirping so energetically outside the bathroom’s window... ? >(゜θ゜●)<

I wonder if birds can also catch a cold when they get wet in the rain...

Well, today as well, to rehearsal today. Everyone, this week as well, fight!!


(Day 183 of 2019)

Tuesday morning starting from a cloudy sky

At the end, it eventually cleared-up…

I ate fried rice

Why not!


(Day 184 of 2019)

The sky is cloudy today, and I showed my face at my parents' house;

This candy, from a store (TN: NY Perfect Cheese) which has always a line at Tokyo Station...

I tried it, because it was given to me….


However, the sweets of this shop are sold out immediately in the main line every day ...

If you could, would you try them?


(Day 185 of 2019)

Dreadful rain... wind too...

an Umbrella is pointless... like a shower ... (´д`|||)゛

Departure to rehearsal ...

The rain stopped around departure.



(Day 186 of 2019)

Today, a white cloudy sky; to a meeting.

And, this morning, I was writing a work for a certain project.

One more work completed...

This time it looked like a real puzzle ...

It was good ...

Well, to the meeting ...


(Day 187 of 2019)

Tomorrow, this month's first JTB Travel


This time too, looking forward to it…