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Reduce to the max

How was the JTB dance lesson this time?

As for the part of my swing, I got the hands and feet entangled, and I feel my head was nervous. A solid foundation is very important to skill up your dance, but this time, you can make it by just practising it, either you have or have not the foundation. Furthermore, even if it comes to show this dance in front of people who are experienced in dance, I want to make them think, “It’s hard to do it….”. I created the swing while thinking something like it. So, if you find something foolish in your daily life, don’t get lost and just say “Well, let’s have a dance battle?”. And when the battle is over, you may ask for a handshake from there. Or, you may think that is a dangerous guy and run away (^ー^). Hooray!

I found another flower that I am curious about. It is interesting that the flower blooms in a spiral shape. If you look closely, the roots are spirally shaped. I wonder why to put such a flower in this way?

Well, I started to reduce my things from a few years ago, but regarding clothes, I dare to say that I made it to the state of the minimum necessary one step ahead. It is on a heavy rotation because I only have very few clothes. Even when I can no longer wear it and have to buy a new one again, it allows me to feel I am reserved a little bit. Even if worn by heavy rotation, it can last about 5 to 8 years, and at least 3 years if made with fragile materials.

I have been asked the question “How many years are you going to wear a cloth?” along with “How long will you be able to wear a cloth?”. This has become quite a good damage specification.

…What? I will not throw it away just yet, you know.

I will keep it a little bit more.


Hayato Uchiyama


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Kindly Translated by: Flo C (Thanks a lot!)



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