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"PRISM, Light and Shadow in 7 colours" WORLD ORDER's 10th anniversary Show

The time is finally here! WORLD ORDER Celebrates their 10th anniversary with 3 Sold-out Shows.

The Shows take place at the Kanda Myojin Hall, a Venue part of the Culture Complex located inside the Kanda Myojin Temple, in central Tokyo.

The Atmosphere is stimulated since the morning, by the posts of some of the Members, showing their arrival to the Venue through their Social Networks.

(Pic Source: Takuro San's Instagram)

(Video Source: Shizu San Instagram)

30 Min before Gig start, the doors open and the audience can access the Hall, joyfully decorated with many Flower arrangements, sent by several groups of Fans for this special occasion.

(The arrangement in which we, and other non-Japanese Fans participated as "Flower-Power for the Members" promotion, is also displayed here. We’ll describe it in detail, a bit later).

At 18:00 pm, the lights go out. Our 7 favourite suited men enter the stage, and start the show with 2 classical Pieces: MIND SHIFT and MACHINE CIVILISATION, as usual, every movement studied until perfection.

The Venue allows a really good view even from the back rows in the lower floor. There is a Big screen behind the Stage, which brings additional gorgeous close-ups and the takes from a ceiling camera, which allow the view of the shapes formed by the members bodies on the floor, at some parts of the Show.

The Performance goes on with a long intro, in which each member walks in different styles and directions to finally gather in the centre. This leads to the start of HISTORY OF VOICE, performed again since long time by 6 Members. Something special during this Number, is Doru dancing at Joony’s place, instead of Masato’s, whose place was taken this time by Takuro.

After the perfectly rigid Yusuke is successfully rolled among his Dance-Mates, they pass to the sexy and energetic BLUE BOUNDARY, all along accompanied by enthusiastic clapping from the Audience, and some extra loud cheering, at the points where Shizu playfully encourages the audience to do so.

A little interval follows, in which the members walk under a yellowish light, to the "tic-toc" of what sounds like a tower clock, to finally position at different spots, each of them under a blue-red light. The interval closes with 3 tower-clockbell rings.

(Pic Source: Aki San's Facebook)

This is the passage to the “PERMANENT REVOLUTION / FIND THE LIGHT” Medley, followed by CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

This marks the first emotional highlight of the Show: The energetic Beat of the Song, triggers enthusiastic clapping since the beginning; Doru's perfectly suiting vocals and his dancing intro are simply amazing every time! The middle passage with the Members dancing in pairs or trios, each group building elaborated steps and shapes… one better than the other! But the climax of this song comes really with the Member’s Solos, again, each of them better than the other.

This time, although using the same Music as in the Bangkok Show, the Members seem more relaxed, inspired, and probably less tired (NB: personal opinion!). All Solos are way more elaborated, specially Aki's who was in best form. But the one which really stands out (IMHO) was Takuro's. He lets all his dancing influences shine, including Moonwalk, high jumps and groovy steps. Powerful and sexy at the same time!

And without any interval or time to recover from the sexiness impact, a new Solo Music sounds and a new silhouette enters the Stage: It's former Member Masato Ochiai dressed in suit, performing his best robotic moves in a yet more impressive Solo.

The Hall is literally set into a collective Hysteria: The audience scream, call his Name “Maaa-kun! Maaa-San!”, cries, sobs…

an overall touching moment in which almost no eye remains dry.

The Song is closed with all 8 Members standing all along the Stage, under a different coloured light.

Beautiful and touching.

(Pic Source: Masato Ochiai Instagram)

The Show carries on with AQUARIUS, featuring Masato at the front, (while Shizu leaves for a break) and the spin-jump performed by Tomizo and Aki (again since long time), flawlessly; As next, under constant cheering and clapping, comes MULTIPOLARITY, kept as original with 6 Members; This time Doru and Takuro leave the stage and Shizu takes, as usual, Joony’s place.

As next, a Chat break takes place. I'll summarise here, the Highlights of all 3 Shows

The members start a lively Chat about Masato being again on stage:

Yusuke: "Ma-kun’s Karate moves were very fast and sharp. I almost felt the wind".

Doru: "It seems it took a while until the audience noticed it was Masato-san.

It was the first time we met. I’m so happy because I’ve wanted to meet him for a long time".

Masato: "It was so much fun to dance like this. The new members were so helpful to make my hair and calm my nerves backstage. They are so nice and friendly.

I was also happy to meet the old members".

(Pics Source: Masato Ochiai's Instagram / Ucchy San's Twitter)

Shizu: "After performing with us, what do you think about this WORLD ORDER?"

Masato: "Wonderful. WORLD ORDER’s dance is very difficult. I revised the choreography until the very last minute before coming into the stage. Doing this for one and a half hours is a hard thing.

And I made it after 2 years blank! I’m great, right?"

Aki: "He rehearsed only for 2 hrs."

Masato: I" worked very hard at home watching the videos".

Yusuke: "I expected to go on the rehearsal a bit slowly, since it’s the first time for him after a long time. But he was perfect since the beginning. It was amazing".

Takuro: "People in the audience were crying when Masato-san appeared. Our fans are so warm. I can feel the 10 years of time like this".

Before leaving the Stage, Masato ask Audience and Members to set him off with the "Ma-kun Kakkoii" cheering, the Members used to make in the older days.

(Video Source: Youtube)

He seems a bit embarrassed for the people who attend a WO Show for the 1st time, and don't know this (among long time Fans well known) ritual.

Takuro is designated for cheering "Ma-kun Kakkoii!", then Members and Audience answer: "Zen-Zen!" Under warm applause and screams for his Name, Masato leaves the stage.

They continue talking about different Topics, like Doru's Birthday on December 20th, (The audience sings for him HAPPY BIRTHDAY at the end of the Show), or the new Video EXODUS.

Yusuke: "It was planed to shoot the start and end of the Video at the beach at dusk. But we were shooting in a different place right before, so we had to run hard to be there in time".

Tomizo: "It was the beach of Zushi, my Hometown. I'd like to be a Zushi Ambassador, like Yusuke-san" (NB: Ambassador of his Hometown, Kakegawa).

They also talk about their ages when they entered the Group:

Yusuke: "It’s WO’s 10th anniversary. I’m 37 now, so I was 27 then. It seems very young, but they are even younger".

Aki: "The age gap between Shizu and I, is16 years".

Shizu: "Papa!"

Yusuke: "This rambling conversation reminds me of the 'Almost-Weekly Journal'."

Audience: Bring it back, PLEASE!!

The new Members also ask the Seniors, which are their specially Memorable songs :

Yusuke: "MACHINE CIVILIZATION. Between shooting and uploading this video, it was the 3.11. (Tōhoku earthquake and Tsunami). And also, this video attracted the interest of Microsoft, and afterwards, we became famous".

Aki: "I can't choose any one of them".

Ucchy: "2012. The shooting in Mexico was very tough. So hot, but we didn’t drink water tn order to save time in going to the bathroom. As a result, three of us were hospitalised; Yusuke and I were also almost hospitalised".

Yusuke: "During the shooting of PERMANENT REVOLUTION in Korea, I almost died of a food poisoning".

Tomizo: "EXODUS. It’s almost hitting 500,000 views".

But the major surprise during this break, is the announcement from Doru: he has composed the Music for Masato’s Solo, and also two other pieces that will be performed during this show.

The first of these 2 songs follows immediately: a calm and beautiful piece, in traditional Japanese style, danced only by the 3 new members.

After a moment of complete silence, in which the audience's probably uncertain if the song has finished, or if it's appropriate to clap at all, they pass to IMPERIALISM and without gap, on to THE NEXT PHASE and 2012.

They continue with 2 big novelties: First, QUIET HAPPINESS performed for the first time with 7 members. Then, the 2nd. Song composed by Doru: Another calm piece in Japanese Style, featuring a choreography by all 7 Members, some of them building different shapes in the floor, beautifully captured by the ceiling camera.

The Show moves on to, "THE LAST DANCE"...

...being followed by another Highlight: for the first time live, their latest Song EXODUS featuring very cool - looking moonwalk-like steps, substituting the Robot-walking parts from the original Video, closing with the spectacular Doru's fallback, under the amazement sighs from the audience.

The Show comes to an end with the classic WORLD ORDER.

The Members leave the stage while the audience continues clapping rhythmically and without interruption, until they come out again for the encore: HAVE A NICE DAY

(Pic Source: Takuro San Instagram)

The Hall turns into a big party! The Audience stands up, claps, sings along, cheers with their prepared light-stabs, while the visibly delighted Members playfully dance freely and perform the more than awaited cult choreography,Hip-Thrust included!

(Pic Source: Aki San's Facebook)

When the song finishes, at the end of the third Show, the Members gather, and each one gives an emotional Thank you speech.

Tomizo: "Many things happened in 10 years. Let’s enjoy the changes, and live happily all the time."

Shizu: (close to tears...)

Aki: “'Crybaby' Shizu.

(NB: Before “HAVE A NICE DAY,” Shizu suddenly hugged Aki, and he was so surprised. He feels Shizu as his son).

Shizu: (in tears) "We’ve been in WO for only 8 months, but the fans have been cheering and supporting us just like the other existing members. I’m so happy. Even when unpredictable things may happen from now on, I believe you all will give us your unwavering support. Thank you."

Yusuke: "Why we could keep performing as WORLD ORDER for 10 years? That must be because we, both members and fans, found a possibility, in the style of doing “Robotic Dance in suit”...

That's what I thought, while making chocolate the other day".

(Video Source: Yusuke San's Instagram)

Ucchy: (in tears) "Because of WORLD ORDER, the members met each other, we met you, and you also met other fans. It’s a circle of good people, and by spreading this circle, we’ll be able to make this world a better place, I hope".

Doru: "I was almost crying when doing the Haka in the last song, WORLD ORDER. To be supported so warmly by so many fans, like receiving presents and so on, it’s really rare for dancers. I feel so happy I can experience it at such young age. When we joined WO, we were worried whether the people would still recognise the seven of us as WORLD ORDER. But since our debut, I feel the fans have been trying to accept us and support us through Social Networks, etc. I really appreciate it".

Takuro: I" just agree with Shizu and Doru. The fans have been nice to us new members in the same way as they support the old members. I’ve never experienced such warm support by fans. I think that’s because the old members accepted us, and were so nice to us since the start. The fans might have noticed this atmosphere. They really welcomed our ideas, therefore, we were able to show our opinion frankly. (in tears) I really thank them so much".

Aki: I won’t cry. I just thank you so much. May a warm wind blow to all of you.

And there's someone else who would like to say a word....

Genki Sudo enters the Stage, adding general amazement and cheering, to the sobbing and crying of the very moved audience.

(Pic Source: Masato Ochiai's Instagram)

Genki: "When I stood for the election, people worried it might apply a political colour to WORLD ORDER. So I’ve been keeping a certain distance from WORLD ORDER since then.

Actually, I retired from martial arts in order to become a politician. WORLD ORDER was an attempt to convey my political message with music before reaching that goal. And as a musician, I was able to give a message which I’m not allowed anymore now. Watching them from the upper floor, I feel they’re a really good group.

For any organisation, it is very difficult to survive over 10 years, and I’m so happy that WORLD ORDER has become one of such rare examples. Thank you so much.

And so, with applause and cheering, WORLD ORDER is warmly set off stage by the moved but happy audience.

In between shows, the Members seem specially impressed by the Many flowers sent for the occasion, showing their thrill and gratefulness in diverse Social Media.

(Video Source: Takuro San & Shizu San Instagram)

As mentioned before, we collaborated with one of the Fan Groups sending a Flower Arrangement to the Members, and tried to promote the overseas Fans participation.

Here, the beautiful Arrangement designed by main Organisator, our friend Piyomaru San:

The roots and light blue coloured paper at the bottom of the arrangement, symbolise the Members gathering like roots in the water, growing together towards the sky, building something beautiful, as intertwined column of red flowers. The light blue blossoms on the side, symbolise a hopeful departure of the graduated Members.

The original Idea, was to send also a second, smaller arrangement to be placed in the Members dressing room. But instead of this, the participating fans voted for sending some multicoloured button-hole Roses, matching the idea of a PRISM.

Although we knew the chances of the Members wearing this roses during the shows was low, we were very happy to see them thanking us by wearing them on their official Post-Shows Pictures! 😭

(Pics Source: Yusuke San & Shizu San Instagram, Aki San's Facebook)

After a successful and moving Event, the Members show themselves relaxed and happy...

...and celebrate their more than well done Job with Karaoke!

(Pics & Video Source: Takuro San & Yusuke San Instagram)

So that was it !

The Celebration of WORLD ORDER's 10th Anniversary. We're happy and honoured, to have been able to witness it, and be a little part of it.

We can only assure WORLD ORDER our unconditional and unwavering support from now on, as we've done in the past 5 years. We support you all the way!

In that Sense... to the next 10 Years! 🥂

Cheers and Thanks for reading!

Text & Layout: Ani J

Translation/ Consulting: M. Takao / WO Chronicle



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